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Changes to Glimpse with Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar

Episode #1171 Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So what's happened with Glimpse? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar about the latest developments with their web instrumentation library Glimpse. First news - Anthony and Nik have joined Microsoft's cross platform team! The conversation digs into the history of Glimpse, its support by the community and Red Gate, and how it has progressed to live as an open source project with Microsoft. If you haven't worked with Glimpse, you're missing out on a great way to understand what's happening with your web site. And it continues to evolve - check it out!


Anthony van der Hoorn

Anthony van der Hoorn is a principal developer at Microsoft. Most recently, he has been working on realtime collaboration and development tools - being a founding member of both Visual Studio Live Share, and GitHub Codespaces. Day-to-day he is mostly responsible for the backend architecture and infrastructure which drives these products. He has bounced between living and working in New York City, and his home town of Brisbane, Australia - he's back in the USA, making his home in Portland, OR.

Nik Molnar

Nik Molnar lives in Austin Texas and is a husband, father and program manager at Microsoft working on Visual Studio Online. In his spare time, he can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, watching baseball, speaking at conferences, and working on open source.


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