.NET Rocks!

Developing ASP.NET on Linux with Mark Rendle

Episode #1162 Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So what does it take to develop ASP.NET web sites on Linux? While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard sat down with Mark Rendle to talk through the ins and outs of ASP.NET on Linux. And we're not just talking servers either! Mark talks about what it takes to set up a desktop version of Linux and be able to do ASP.NET development with it, including debugging! The .NET framework is evolving for Linux beyond the Mono project, but there are a bunch of tools out there to help you be productive building ASP.NET on whatever client platform you want. Check out the links!


Mark Rendle

Mark Rendle is 30 years old in hexadecimal and has been coding professionally for three-quarters of his life. His current mission is to get the world off of .NET 4 point whatever and onto .NET 5.0. In his spare time, he's started making games with Unity and has just released his first project on iOS and Android. Mark's hobbies include genetically modifying otters and decoding the hidden prophecies in the digits of pi.


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