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Building a Compiler with Philip Laureano

Episode #1161 Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why in the world would you want to build a compiler? While at NDC, Carl and Richard talked to Philip Laureano about why he makes compilers! Philip starts out talking how building compilers helps you think about parsers and how that can help your development in every day life. The conversation turns to building your own language, or your own interpretation of a language, such as LISP! Philip digs into understanding IL directly - using tools like ILDASM and PEVerify to manipulate the underlying code made by Visual Studio languages like C#. Get a deeper understanding of the tools you use!


Philip Laureano

Philip Laureano is a Technical Team Lead for Fairfax Media in Australia and has been working in software development since 1999. When he is not working on making his team awesome, you can usually find him creating his own compilers and implementing the CLR Metadata specifications for fun. Philip is the author of the LinFu and Hiro IOC container frameworks, which make extensive use of IL "voodoo" to make cool and productive things happen for the Common Language Runtime. He has also been a two-time speaker for NDC Oslo 2011, and 2012.


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