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Performance Tuning in Azure with Christopher Bennage

Episode #1155 Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If it's on the cloud, it'll scale and perform, right? Carl and Richard talk to Christopher Bennage about his work at Patterns and Practices helping understand where performance can go wrong with Azure. It's on GitHub to provide code samples and analysis on the various problems you can find with scaling your Azure app. Christopher discusses eight different anti-patterns the PnP folks have found in their travels that can impair performance. Included in each are code samples and analysis of performance on Azure to show improvements - and you can run the code yourself on Azure to compare!


Christopher Bennage

Christopher Bennage is a member of the patterns & practices team at Microsoft. His focus for the last couple of years has been on guidance for the cloud, and IoT in particular. Prior to that, his background was client technologies such as HTML5 and XAML. He’s an advocate of open source, community, and craftsmanship. He’s fascinated by the interesting. When asked about his hobbies, he says “I like to make things”.


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