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Instrumenting using Stackify with Jason Taylor and Michael Paterson

Episode #1153 Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So how are you instrumenting your applications? Carl and Richard talk to Jason Taylor of Stackify and Michael Paterson of Carbonite about the power of great instrumentation to make awesome software. Stackify provides a set of free tools if you're working in Azure. And speaking of Azure, Carbonite lives on Azure and uses Stackify for instrumentation. Michael talks about how Stackify helped Carbonite understand performance problems and errors that were occurring in production that were very hard to see from logs or customer service requests - deeply instrumenting their application made all the difference!


Jason Taylor

Jason has worked in a number of high-growth business units centered around delivering Software as a Service, and is passionate about building scale-able cloud platforms. The experiences gained in those shops directly led him to Stackify, and those experiences help shape the product. Jason has led many development teams through his career and is intently focused on delivering a great product while helping developers grow, learn, and realize their full potential. In his free time, Jason is a lover of motorcycles, cars, great beer, and his family.

Michael Paterson

Michael Paterson is Principle Software Engineer for Carbonite who spent the last year architecting and implementing their Azure solution consisting of Websites, Cloud Services, Table and Blob Storage, Redis, and Stackify.


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