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Deeper into DDD with David Rael

Episode #1151 Thursday, June 11, 2015

So how deep are you into Domain Driven Design? Carl and Richard talk to David Rael about his work applying DDD principles to the systems his customers develop. David focuses in on the idea of the ubiquitous language, something Eric Evans admits he wishes he'd put earlier in his seminal book on DDD. The ubiquitous language is the assembly of all the terms needed and agreed upon about the particular domain that the application has being built for. Most of what you need to know to build an application lives in that language, and most of what can go wrong goes wrong there. Great, focused conversation from someone living the DDD life!


David Rael

Dave Rael is a dedicated father and husband, a seasoned software architect and developer, and an ambitious Sith Apprentice. When he's not building distributed systems or growing in the power of the Dark Side, he's playing with kids, playing basketball, lifting weights, coaching youth sports, and attempting to optimize performance in all aspects of life. He blogs at optimizedprogrammer.com about writing software and rocking life and is the host of the Developer on Fire podcast at developeronfire.com.


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