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Building Microservices with Howard Dierking

Episode #1150 Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Microservices? Carl and Richard talk to Howard Dierking about his work building microservices starting with the name - Howard hates the term microservices. He prefers to call them focused services, which only makes sense. The goal is to write as little code as possible while delivering the capabilities needed, not all that different from most modern development approaches. The conversation turns to how we've twisted service design because deployment and versioning were so difficult. Today its better and we can take advantage of granularity to keep our services small, independently updated and flexible!


Howard Dierking

Howard Dierking is into a bit of everything. Some might say that makes him ADD - he likes to think it gives him the ability to see things from more angles. He's a huge technology enthusiast, and has spent most of his career working with Web-related technologies - largely in the services space. Currently, Howard is managing a team of fantastic developers at Concur (recently acquired by SAP) focusing on all things cloud, microservices, Linux containers, and more. He's hiring :)


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