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Making a Developer Calendar with Steve Smith and Brendan Enrick

Episode #1148 Thursday, June 4, 2015

What do developers like on their calendars? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Smith and Brendan Enrick about the making of the new 2016 developer calendar. They have been the team behind the NimblePros and later Telerik developer anti-pattern calendars for years. But there was no calendar in 2015 for a variety of reasons, leading to an outcry. In an effort to bring back the calendar, Steve and Brendan have launched a kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to make the calendar, and a feathub site to take suggestions for the various pictures and ideas of each month. Check them out!


Steven Smith

Steve Smith (@ardalis) is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. He provides mentoring and training workshops for teams with the desire to improve. Steve has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for over 10 consecutive years and is a frequent speaker at software developer conferences and events. He enjoys helping others write maintainable, testable applications using Microsoft's developer tools. Connect with Steve at ardalis.com.

Brendan Enrick

Brendan Enrick is a passionate software developer, focusing a great deal of his time on agile and software craftsmanship methodologies. Brendan is a proponent of continuous learning and improvement, who believes in cultivating strong development communities. Along with other like-minded individuals, Brendan has co-founded a training technology company called DevIQ.


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