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Actor Models on Orleans with Barry Briggs

Episode #1146 Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Remember Orleans? Once an MSR project to scale Halo 4 multiplayer mode, it has grown into a full blown actor model implementation. Carl and Richard chat with Barry Briggs about bringing Orleans to your project. Barry talks through some great ideas on the actor model and it's focus on building distributed highly scalable applications. Orleans is now an open source project hosted on GitHub, and is worth a look - compare it to Akka.NET!


Barry Briggs

As Enterprise Architect in Microsoft’s Developer Evangelism Division, Barry works with customers to create innovative, “epic” applications. For the past five years he was Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft’s IT organization, serving one of the world’s largest and most influential technology companies. In this role, he was responsible for the overall technology strategy for Microsoft IT. Previously, Barry led the company’s Enterprise Architecture function and its Master Data Management initiative which created the world’s largest Customer Data Integration (CDI) system. Prior to that he served as senior architect in the Business Process and Integration Division at Microsoft, where he helped set the technology strategy for Microsoft’s enterprise integration and business process product line. Barry’s thirty-year career in the software industry includes eleven years at Lotus/IBM where he led the development of the company’s best-selling spreadsheet program and in 1996 was named the company’s first Lotus Fellow. After Lotus/IBM, Barry held a number of senior executive positions serving as CTO for a number of successful software vendors. Well known in the industry (called “one of the better known CTO’s in the world” by InfoWorld in 2001), Barry speaks frequently at industry events, and is the author of numerous technical articles and two novels.


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