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Building Your Apps on Azure with Mark Brown

Episode #1143 Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So how are you using Azure for your apps? Carl and Richard talk to Mark Brown about his work inside and outside of Microsoft - after fifteen years at Microsoft, Mark is out on his own now and still working hard with Azure. The conversation digs into the amazing tool that is Web Jobs, letting you automate tasks based on time and events. Mark also talks about machine learning as his new focus, recognizing that the huge amount of data we're gathering needs to be analyzed too. Lots of great thinking about the cloud!


Mark Brown

Mark Brown has been in the software industry for more than twenty years and has worked for a wide array of companies form ISV's to dot-coms; building applications that ranged from the largest of back-end systems to the smallest of devices and everything in between. Mark is a cloud and solution architect for Solliance and in an out-patient program for former Microsoft employees.


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