.NET Rocks!

Akka.NET V1 with Aaron Stannard

Episode #1134 Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Akka.NET ships! Carl and Richard talk with Aaron Stannard about Akka.NET, a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed and fault tolerant event-driven applications. Akka.NET is a port of the original Akka framework in Java/Scala. Aaron talks about the reactive manifesto as the driver for Akka.NET, to provide tools for responsiveness, resiliency, elasticity and message driven.


Aaron Stannard

Aaron Stannard is the Founder and CEO of Petabridge, a company that provides commercial support, training, and tooling for Akka.NET, one of the OSS projects he founded. Petabridge creates products like Phobos Akka.NET APM, Petabridge.Cmd Akka.NET CLI, and OSS tools such as NBench - .NET Performance Testing.


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