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Working on Your Personal Brand with Eileen Fisher

Episode #1127 Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are you taking care of your personal brand? Eileen Fisher talks to Carl and Richard about what it means to have a personal brand, how to define, cultivate and care for it over time. In the end, a personal brand is simply what people know you for, and everyone has one, whether they're working on it intentionally or not! Eileen dives into what makes an effective brand and why you want to own and grow it - whether it is to get new projects or a promotion. This leads to a conversation around professional social media product like LinkedIn. There are places to maintain your personal brand, its worth spending a little time to get it right. Check out the show links for more tools and ideas!


Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a highly skilled marketing professional with more 20+ years of global, high tech marketing experience. What she likes most about her profession is the opportunity to explain complex technical information to people in a way that makes good business sense. She has been described as "exceptionally outgoing," which is true. This characteristic is what fuels her passion for being a trusted advisor and partner with customers, talking with them, satisfying their needs, and forming long-term business relationships. Eileen likes knowing we make a difference in customers' lives. Eileen understands the importance of consistent, cogent messaging at all levels. It's rewarding to have achieved positive influence over diverse groups, including key opinion leaders and media representatives. Her knowledge of marketing in the technology sector is significant. She has strong experience with Cloud/digital, social media, product development and launches and technical services marketing. Eileen has learned the secrets of navigating ambiguous environments to create optimum performance. Today Eileen is the founder and President of Fisher Consultants. They are a Personal and Professional Branding company focused on technology experts and ensuring they stand out as leaders in their areas of expertise. Prior to Fisher Consultants, she worked for a boutique SQL Server Consulting Firm, SolidQ as the Director of Global Marketing. The majority of her career was spent at Microsoft doing a variety of marketing roles including partner management, services, public relations, social media, campaigns, product launches, communications and much more. Contact Eileen at eileen.fisher@fisherconsultants.com.


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