.NET Rocks!

Debugging ASP.NET with Joel Kauffman

Episode #1122 Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How did you learn to debug? While at the Nebraska Code Camp, Carl and Richard talked to Joel Kauffman about debugging practices. Rarely is debugging taught in classes, arguably because all school code is perfect. But code in the real world has bugs, and finding those bugs can be challenging. Joel talks about helping developers understand how debugging works, utilizing stack traces, working backward through code, using watches, and so on. The conversation also digs into various tools available for assisting in debugging production applications, including open source JavaScript libraries and much more expensive dedicated instrumentation products. But good debugging is worth a lot - it's a worthy skill to cultivate!


Joel Kauffman

Joel Kauffman has been involved in development for the last 10 years in Sioux Falls, SD. He's worked in both the finance and agriculture industries as a web developer and proponent of modern development practices. He’s currently working as a systems architect for Worthington Tractor Parts in Sioux Falls. Joel has spoken at multiple conferences through the Midwest. When Joel isn’t programming he’s restoring his 130 year old house, and spending time with his wife and four kids. He can be found on twitter at @ifranto.


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