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State of Microsoft Web Development Panel

Episode #1121 Thursday, April 2, 2015

At the Nebraska Code Camp, Carl and Richard moderated a panel discussion with Mads Kristensen, Lee Brandt, Josh Broton, and Robert Boedigheimer exploring the state of web development on the Microsoft stack. Of course, the first topic is the upcoming ASP.NET vNext and its switch over to open source, along the way letting go of some legacy features including Web Forms. The panel also discussed various JavaScript libraries, when they should be used and when plain old VanillaJS is a better way to go. Conversation also explored design tooling and whether we all should be running Visual Studio or stick with dedicated design tools and editors. Lots of viewpoints from a great panel!


Mads Kristensen

Mads Kristensen is a program manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft with the privilege to work with the extension community and ecosystem. He’s an avid extension writer himself, with over a hundred published extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Before joining Microsoft, he spent a decade as a web developer working at both startups and enterprise companies. His wife and two young sons all enjoy and support his adventures in the world of home automation

Lee Brandt

After almost two decades writing software professionally (and a few years unprofessionally before that), Lee Brandt still continues to learn every day. He has led teams in small and large companies and always manages to keep the business needs at the forefront of software development efforts. He speaks internationally about software development, from both a technical and business perspective, and loves to teach others what he learns. Lee writes software in Objective-C, JavaScript and C#… mostly. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Visual C#, one of the directors of the Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC), and serves as the Regional Mentor for .Net user groups in Kansas and Missouri. Lee is a decorated Gulf War veteran, a husband, a proud pet parent and loves to play the drums whenever he gets any spare time.

Josh Broton

Josh Bronton is a UX manager, front-end dev, design lead, WordPress themer, and other web stuff.

Robert Boedigheimer

Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies and leads Robert Boedigheimer Consulting, LLC. Robert has been designing and developing web sites for the past 20 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He is a Pluralsight Author, an ASP.NET MVP, an author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert has spoken at industry conferences including VSLive, SDD, HDC, DevLink, DevTeach, Tulsa Tech Fest, DevWeek, DevReach, SDC, TechEd, DevConnections, AJAXWorld, and numerous national and international events.


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