.NET Rocks!

Managing an IT Codebase with Steve Evans

Episode #1113 Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So when do IT Pros become developers? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Evans about his operations folks writing code and dealing with all the challenges that everyone finds when they write, own and operate code. The code in question is primarily PowerShell, used to automate deployment. It needs testing, source control and everything else that code requires. Steve talks about how his operations folks have come to learn the same things that all developers need to learn, and for the most part, end up using the same tools. PowerShell may have its own IDE, but more than ever the IT Pros want to use Visual Studio for its richness of tools and integration with resources that they realize they need. Now all we have to do is convince Microsoft that just because you operate systems doesn't mean you don't program!


Steve Evans

Steve Evans has been doing DevOps since before the term DevOps was invented. He is a Pluralsight Author, six time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and technical Speaker at various industry events. In his spare time he manages a DevOps team at a Silicon Valley Biotech focused on improving the lives of cancer patients. For over 15 years Steve has focused on making technology better for businesses by bridging the gap between IT and Development teams.


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