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Building Untappd with Greg Avola

Episode #1111 Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Like beer? Are you using Untappd? Carl and Richard talk to creator Greg Avola about the phenomenon that is Untappd. What started as a simple tool to keep track of what beer he liked and didn't like has turned into a super popular app with millions of downloads. Greg talks about what it took to keep the app working as the number of users grew immensely, and how he and the team built the app to work on all sorts of different phones. In the end, the cornerstone of Untappd is the back end with an amazing catalog of beers and user preferences that help the lovers of beer and the makers of beer connect together to make beautiful beery music!


Greg Avola

Living in the craft beer haven of New York City, Greg Avola is the co-founder and CTO of Untappd, a mobile beer check-in service. Some people enjoy reading books, others enjoy watching movies, but Greg’s passion is to code. Being able to combine his passion for development and craft beer allowed Untappd to be born. To date Untappd has had more than 2.0+ million users. In NYC Greg works full-time for ABC News on the technology team, which is responsible for ABCNews.com both on desktop and mobile. read more


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