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Digging into Javascript 6 with Jafar Husain

Episode #1099 Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are you ready for ECMAScript 6? Carl and Richard talk to Jafar Husain about some of the great new features coming in ECMAScript 6 - the next version of JavaScript, at least for now. Jafar talks about the fun and challenges of participating in the TC39 committee that developed the ES6 standard which is now being implemented by browser developers. Jafar digs into Promises, Yields, Proxies and more - lots of discussion about features you've come to love in languages like C# appearing in JavaScript! And the process isn't done, the JavaScript 7 spec is already being developed!


Jafar Husain

Jafar Husain is the Cross-Team Technical Lead for the Netflix UI's. He is the architect of Netflix's UI data platform, and specializes in building reactive, event-driven systems. A highly-rated speaker, he has spoken at QCon, HTML Dev Conf, QCon, CodeMesh, YOW! and given Channel 9 interviews. He has also trained hundreds of developers to build event-driven systems in JS. He is the Netflix representative on the JavaScript standards committee (TC-39) and is actively working to evolve the JavaScript language.


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