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Duck Punching with Todd Gardner

Episode #1090 Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Duck punch your JavaScript lately? Todd Gardner talks to Carl and Richard about the practice of changing object behaviors in JavaScript for good or evil. After an explanation of how duck punching (or monkey patching, pick your favorite silly term) works, the discussion turns to the dark side of how hackers can intercept your Javascript library calls, capture keystrokes and otherwise subtly change your web pages. Could you tell? Then Todd dives into using your powers for good - strategies for testing, aspect-oriented programming and so on. Duck punching does have significant limitations, so use sparingly, but when it works, its amazing! (NOTE: no ducks were harmed in the making of this podcast)


Todd Gardner

Todd H Gardner is the president and co-founder of TrackJS, a JavaScript error reporting service for modern web applications. He's been building JavaScript web applications for many years for enterprises and startups, and knows too well how they break. He lives in Stillwater Minnesota, emails todd@trackjs.com, and tweets at @toddhgardner


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