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Identity Server with Dominick Baier and Brock Allen

Episode #1089 Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Carl and Richard talk to Dominick Baier and Brock Allen about the new version of Thinktecture IdentityServer. As Dominick explains, as soon as you have more than one web application that needs authentication, you want to go to a centralized authentication and authorization scheme, and that's where IdentityServer comes into play. Working with oAuth2 and OpenID Connect, you can create identities for your users from Active Directory, other IMAP stores or just a plain old SQL Server. Take your authentication strategy to the next level!


Dominick Baier

Dominick Baier spent most of his professional career implementing security systems for his customers and reading protocol specifications. This resulted in a number of popular open-source projects like IdentityServer and IdentityModel. Since 2020 he runs Duende Software Inc together with his longtime friend and colleague Brock Allen. Duende provides a sustainable home for the IdentityServer project and is the one-stop-shop for all things OpenID Connect and OAuth for .NET-based companies.

Brock Allen

Brock Allen has worked for many years as an application security architect and has specialized in .NET, web development, and web-based security for over 20 years. During that time, he co-authored several open-source security frameworks including IdentityServer, IdentityModel, and oidc-client-js. He also is an MVP, and a contributor to the ASP.NET platform. Most recently he co-founded Duende Software with his colleague of many years Dominick Baier.


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