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Different Databases with David Simons

Episode #1085 Thursday, January 8, 2015

How many different ways can you store data? David Simons knows at least ten! Carl and Richard talk to David about a wide variety of data storage approaches. Some are SQL, some are NoSQL, but David digs into each one talking about strengths and weaknesses. The conversation digs into the idea that using one data store for all purposes is archaic - while it always depends on your application's needs, have two, three, or four different data stores isn't crazy! David talks about various classes of data stores including graph, object, time series, relational, and more... there are lots of ways to store your data, and with the right store, coding and maintaining get easier! The trick is to deal with the essentials of every data store: reliability, backup, and recovery. Here's a great list of choices for your app!


David Simons

David Simons is a technical lead for Softwire, a small consultancy focused on high-quality development. Since he started coding professionally, he has worked extensively on full-stack systems, making sure that the right tools are used for the right job. When not writing code, David enjoys thinking and talking about statistics, advocacy and beer.


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