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The New Sharepoint Developer with Sahil Malik

Episode #1084 Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What does Sharepoint Development look like today? Carl and Richard talk to Sahil Malik about the amazing changes that have happened to the Sharepoint development community with the impact of Azure and Office 365. Sharepoint used to be a very insular development environment, separate from everything else, but today it is expected to interact with cloud services, on-premise system and a variety of clients, including iPhone, Android, WinPhone and more. Sahil talks about gluing all the pieces together - you can't build it all yourself!


Sahil Malik

Sahil Malik is a cross platform developer with interests in Office 365, SharePoint, Xamarin, Typescript, Angular, and AI. As a 15ish years MVP awardee, author of numerous books and video courses, and a work experience across 5 continents and 18 countries, y’know whatever.. .. I’m just a developer. Also I’m at @sahilmalik


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