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The Google Cloud with Brad Abrams

Episode #1083 Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you know about Google Cloud? Brad Abrams does! Carl and Richard talk to former Microsoftie Brad Abrams about the other big cloud player - and there's a lot to say. Brad starts out focusing on the Platform-as-a-Service offerings of Google such as the App Engine which lets you run Python, Java, PHP, and Go in the cloud with all the scaling options you could ever want. Rather a virtual machine? The Google Compute Engine handles that, with Windows as an option coming soon! Then the discussion turns to containers: lightweight, OS-agnostic virtual machines that work with Google Container Engine and scale with Kubernetes. And that's still only the beginning; there's storage options of all sorts and Brad's favorite bits, great tracing and debugging tools. There's room for a third player in the public cloud world!


Brad Abrams

Brad Abrams is Group Product Manager on the Google Cloud Platform team where he is responsible for the developer experiences on the platform. Software development is one of the last areas of modern life not deeply enhanced by the cloud - Brad’s mission is to bring the power, scale and availability of the modern cloud to the art of software development.

Brad has been at Google since 2011 and has led platform efforts in Chrome, Google+ and now on the Cloud Platform team. Prior to Google, Brad lead many developer efforts at Microsoft on products including the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Silverlight and Visual Studio. Brad published several books include the bestselling Framework Design Guidelines. Brad has spoken at developer conferences around the world including nearly every major Microsoft developer event during his tenure and many Google IO and GCP LIve events since he joined.


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