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Programming in Elixir with Bryan Hunter

Episode #1080 Tuesday, December 30, 2014

While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked with Bryan Hunter about the language Elixir. Bryan tells the story of how the folks behind Ruby got interested in Erlang, thinking to bring some of Erlang's features to other languages - but then discovered it was impossible, since Erlang is its own operating system. So instead, they created a new language within Erlang, and that is Elixir. Taking the favorite features of many languages including Ruby, C#, F# and others, Elixir makes for a pleasant programming experience while still having the power of Erlang behind you. Check it out!


Bryan Hunter

Bryan Hunter is a geek, a partner at Firefly Logic, the founder of NashFP, and a Microsoft MVP in F#. Bryan is obsessed with functional programming, community building and Lean. He has been speaking on each of these subjects tirelessly for years at meetups, pubs, user groups, and conferences. You can say hi to Bryan on Twitter (@bryan_hunter) and see what Firefly Logic is all about here: http://fireflylogic.com


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