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Databases in Continuous Delivery with Enrico Campidoglio

Episode #1079 Thursday, December 25, 2014

While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talk to Enrico Campidoglio about including databases in your continuous delivery process. Enrico talks through a few different strategies for getting your database moving as fast as your application, without losing data along the way. The conversation digs into issues around version control for databases, keeping schema and reference tables in your source control system, and recognizing that database updates don't happen at the same time as application updates - there can be updates before and after, or otherwise independent of the application itself. Lots of little tips and tricks for managing your database updates more effectively!


Enrico Campidoglio

Enrico Campidoglio is a freelance programmer, teacher and mentor with a strong passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge. If allowed, he'll talk for hours about software quality, the DevOps culture, the history of personal computing and mechanical keyboards. One topic he's particularly fond of is Git, which, as he discovered, combines two of his other passions: the Unix philosophy and source code history. Enrico speaks regularly at conferences and user groups, delivers workshops and produces online courses for Pluralsight. In his non-existent free time, he enjoys reading books about computer history, tinkering with his keyboards or going for a run. Enrico can be found online on his website at megakemp.com or on Twitter at @ecampidoglio.


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