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SPA using Knockout with Steve Sanderson

Episode #1075 Wednesday, December 17, 2014

At the NDC London conference, Carl and Richard talk to Steve Sanderson about his work on the Azure Portal and building arguably the greatest Single Page Application (SPA) around today. Steve talks about the approach the Azure Portal team has taken to deal with memory management as well as a flexible plugin architecture that allows the various Azure related teams to plug into the common "shell" component of the Azure Portal. The conversation digs into the challenges of SPAs as the scale and utilization goes up. You can make it work, but it isn't always simple! Steve also discusses the choices you can make around SPAs, it's not just about AngularJS, there are many ways to build a SPA toolchain.


Steven Sanderson

Steve Sanderson is working as a developer for Microsoft in the team that brings you the ASP.NET technology stack, IIS, and other web things. Previously he developed .NET software as a contractor/consultant for clients in Bristol and beyond, plus wrote some books for Apress, such as Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework. From time to time, he speaks at user groups and conferences, and recently have been running a bunch of training courses on topics such as C#, SQL Server, and of course ASP.NET MVC.


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