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Writing Compilers with Phil Trelford

Episode #1074 Tuesday, December 16, 2014

While at NDC London at the Excel Center, Carl and Richard talked to Phil Trelford about building your own compiler. First off, why would you do that? Phil talks about the various ways that compiler technology can be used and help improve your own understand of languages and tools. You probably don't need to replace the C# compiler for your applications, but you might want to use parsing technology to provide algorithmic support in your applications. The power of F# is apparent when you start working on compilers, with its amazing pattern matching and parsing capabilities. Phil also mentions some toolsets to make experimenting with compilers easier, check out the show links for more info!


Phil Trelford

Phil Trelford is a UK based developer with over 20 years development experience from video games to financial software. He codes F# and C# in his day job. Phil is a regular speaker and blogger, co-organizer of the London F# User Group and an F# MVP.


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