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Testing Software using PEX

Episode #1065 Tuesday, November 25, 2014

While at the MVP Summit, Carl and Richard sat down with Pratap Lakshman, Peli de Halleux and Nikolai Tillman to talk about automating unit testing in .NET. Originally a Microsoft Research Project, PEX is now part of Visual Studio 2015, and digs deep into the IL of your application to generate a huge variety of unit tests. The team also talks about some of the other cool projects they've built using the PEX engine, including CodeHunt, a tool using testing to teach you to program. Check out PEX on Microsoft Research, and get ready for Studio 2015!


Pratap Lakshman

Pratap Lakshman works in the Developer Division at Microsoft where he is currently Senior Program Manager in the Visual Studio team working on Testing Tools. In a past life he worked on the .NET Compact Framework’s runtime, and prior to that on JScript (Microsoft’s dialect of JavaScript), and represented Microsoft at ECMA serving as the Project Editor for the ECMAScript 5 language specification. His affair with .NET can be traced all the way back to J# (gasp!), Microsoft’s implementation of Java on .Net. Pratap is based in Microsoft’s India Development Centre in Hyderabad.

Peli de Halleux

Jonathan 'Peli' de Halleux is actively working on Pex, an Automated Whitebox Testing tool for .NET. Peli also collaborates with his colleagues from CHESS and Contracts. Peli also wanders around building 99 shooting videos for Channel9 about the RiSE group.

Nikolai Tillmann

Nikolai Tillmann is Principal Software Developer Lead in the Developer Division of Microsoft. Before that he was project lead for the Pex project at Microsoft Research. His main area of research is program specification, analysis, testing, verification, and mobile app development.


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