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Continuous Integration of Mobile Apps with Greg Shackles

Episode #1060 Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Greg Shackles about making continuous deployment work in the mobile apps space. The conversation starts out with the projects that Greg is currently working on, and the need to get them deployed routinely to iOS and Android devices - this means, of course, deployment to the AppStore, which only goes so fast. Greg talks about avoiding the AppStores by finding ways to make changes internally, rather than a full deploy. The discussion goes down his preferred toolchain and inserting as much automation as possible - not so much for speed as for repeatability! Check out Greg's talks and slides in the show notes on this subject.


Greg Shackles

Greg Shackles is a Principal Engineer at Olo. He is a Xamarin MVP, Microsoft MVP, host of the Gone Mobile podcast, organizer of the NYC Mobile .NET Developers Group, author of Mobile Development with C#, and also a monthly columnist with Visual Studio Magazine.


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