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Actor Models in Akka.NET with Roger Johansson

Episode #1058 Thursday, November 6, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Roger Johansson about Akka.NET, a library to help you build concurrent and distributed applications. Akka.NET is a port of Akka for Java, and is open source on GitHub. As Roger explains, Akka.NET uses the actor model to create a level of abstraction ideal for building concurrent applications. This is similar to the Orleans Framework from show 969, but with some distinct advantages. The conversation gets into how folks focus on object orientation can struggle with concurrency and Akka.NET solves these problems differently that TPL and reactive extensions.


Roger Johansson

Roger Johansson, Solution Architect at Betsson Group in Stockholm Sweden. He has a deep passion for open source and have been leading various open source project since the early days of .NET. Founder of Akka.NET and now focusing on the Actor Model version 2: Proto.Actor - A cross platform high performance actor model framework for .NET and Go


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