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Visual Studio Online with Brian Randell

Episode #1056 Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Brian Randell about the latest on Visual Studio Online (VSO). As Brian explains, this isn't about putting Visual Studio itself into the cloud, but rather surrounding your copy of Visual Studio with services in the cloud that make development easier. The conversation goes down the list, starting with source control in general and TFS specifically. One huge advantage of VSO - you don't have to deploy TFS yourself! Beyond source control and task management there are deployment tools and testing, all of which can be run in the cloud, where you're only billed for what you use. This is modern development at it's finest!


Brian Randell

Brian A. Randell is a well-known developer, speaker, author, and technologist. He is currently a Partner with MCW Technologies LLC, a consulting firm, and co-founder of DuoMyth, a new, born-in-the-Microsoft cloud SaaS education platform company. For more than 25 years he has been building software solutions. He educates teams on Microsoft technologies via writing and training-both in-person and on demand. He's currently a Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP focusing on DevOps, agile development practices, virtualization, and Microsoft Azure. When not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two children who enjoy making him look bad on the Xbox One (with and without Kinect).


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