.NET Rocks!

Making .NET Perform with Ben Watson

Episode #1041 Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Ben Watson about his work around writing high performance .NET code. Ben talks about how the Bing team decided to use .NET code internally, which seems like an obvious choice for a Microsoft group, but it isn't really - when milliseconds count, does .NET makes sense? Ben says it does, and he's done the work to prove it. Ben's book "Writing High Performance .NET Code" focuses not only on coding techniques, but also the larger practice of having a deep understanding of how .NET works, and the processes that take place to turn .NET code into machine code. The conversation also digs deeply into the need for performance measurement, especially Event Tracing for Windows. .NET can be fast when you do it right!


Ben Watson

Ben Watson has been a software engineer at Microsoft for almost ten years. There, he was one of the principal developers of a high-performance query platform in use by Bing, Cortana, Windows, Office, and Xbox, and other Microsoft services. Through the process, he became a passionate .NET performance advocate. He is the author of the book Writing High-Performance .NET Code, the second edition of which was just released. In his spare time, he enjoys books, music, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and children. They live near Redmond, WA.


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