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Contributing to F# with Mårten Rånge

Episode #1040 Thursday, September 25, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Mårten Rånge about his efforts to contribute to the open source project that is F#. F# is really open source and taking public contributions, but as Mårten explains, it's not that simple. You need to get engaged with the project on CodePlex and actually get to know the team and where the project is at to hope to make a difference there. As Mårten says, everyone is very nice, but they do have a vision of where the project is going - and you can contribute to that vision! The conversation digs into what it takes to actually build your own version of F# as well as the art of making a contribution to a project that will ultimately be delivered in Visual Studio. This is just the start for Mårten, and perhaps for you also!


Mårten Rånge

Mårten been a programmer since 1988 and a meta programmer since 1990 and has worked for small start-ups to larger organizations such as Visma or Microsoft. In T4 Mårten found his calling and is constantly trying to spread the word to family, friends, colleagues and strangers who just said hello. These days he works at Ericsson.


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