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Making a Disconnected Web Client with Ward Bell

Episode #1036 Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Carl and Richard chat with IdeaBlade man Ward Bell about the latest in Breeze and the whole concept of building web clients that can function in a disconnected state. It's possible with modern browsers to store information locally, which can help your web app survive an intermittent connection. Ward talks about how Breeze, his open source tool for caching, validation and querying, helps solve the disconnected problem. The challenge is finding the right patterns of development so that you don't have to litter your code with connectivity testing, just handle failures when they come without losing the user's work. Easy, right?


Ward Bell

Ward is president of IdeaBlade, an application consulting company with more than a decade of helping its customers build business applications on the web using .NET and JavaScript/HTML technologies. Ward is also a Microsoft RD and a snappy dresser.


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