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Web Forms for Mobile with Paul Sheriff

Episode #1033 Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Paul Sheriff about his work building mobile web apps using ASP.NET WebForms. Yeah, that's right, WebForms! Paul talks about the problems with WebForms and how they can be overcome with some careful configuration and understanding of how WebForms really works. The conversation digs into adding Responsive Web Design to a WebForms page to make it work well on a mobile browser using Twitter's BootStrap - and also how to use WrapBootStrap to make your pages not look like BootStrap pages. Not every mobile web app should be a WebForms app, but it makes sense in some cases - Paul compares approaches to help you choose!


Paul Sheriff

Paul D. Sheriff is a recognized leader in the Visual Basic industry and the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California. Paul is a frequent speaker at Microsoft Developer Days, Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft "MSDN Presents", Access/VBA Advisor Developer Conferences, and user groups across the country. Paul is a contributing editor to Access/VBA Advisor magazine. You can also see Paul teaching .NET on Microsoft WebCasts and with Blast Through Learning videos. Check out Paul's new book "ASP.NET Developer's Jumpstart" with co-author Ken Getz.


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