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More IoT with Pete Brown

Episode #1031 Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time for some more IoT! Pete Brown checks in with Carl and Richard to talk about Microsoft's continuing announcements in the Internet of Things space. The conversation starts out with a discussion about Pete's work in the music side of things and the Windows 8 API for MIDI - helping musicians use a Windows 8 tablet as the hub of a music system. Then it's on to several important announcements, including the implementation of C# with the Intel Galileo board, and the announcement of two new hardware platforms: SharksCove, which is essentially a tablet-sized prototyping platform and MinnowBoard, a Arduino-sized board running actual Intel hardware and capable of running a full version of Windows and .NET! The hardware is getting amazing, and your .NET skills are even more valuable!


Pete Brown

Five years ago, Pete joined Microsoft to focus on XAML and .NET. Today, he focuses on that, as well as apps and technology for musicians, and IoT/Embedded, and pretty much anything that blinks LEDs, goes “ping” in the night, or extrudes or machines physical materials. Pete loves working with IoT and embedded devices. He has at least as many MOPS tied up in development boards than he does recognizable computers (and there are a lot of PCs in his house). Some run Windows, some run Linux, many are just C or C++ on the metal. Pete lives and works in his home in Maryland with his wife, two children, two rabbits, a pile of synthesizers, some CNC machines, a lot of woodworking tools, and several Commodore computers. You can find Pete on Twitter @pete_brown, and on Chitter and FriendFace under the same name.


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