.NET Rocks!

Making Money on Mobile with Atley Hunter

Episode #1012 Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Atley Hunter about how he monetizes phone apps. A newcomer to .NET Rocks, Atley was a regular guest on the TabletShow and has talked about monetization before - but now he's learned even more techniques! Atley talks about the advantages of in-app purchases over try-before-you-buy, as well as asking for donations. He also digs into the idea that you can offer a variety of prices and how to encourage your customers to spend more! Lots of great thinking on how to make an income from your apps from one of the masters!


Atley Hunter

As one of the most prolific modern UI developers in the world, Atley Hunter splits his days between creating cool new apps for Windows Phones and Tablets and sharing what he has learned via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and numerous In Person events.


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