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Building Development Teams with Michelle Smith

Episode #1008 Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Michelle Smith about building great development teams. Michelle talks about what a great team looks like, the differences in productivity and focus. This leads to a conversation about team building, creating trust within the team and dealing with remote workers - how do you create trust when you can't see each other. Then there's the process of recruiting and interviewing, where Michelle focuses on the interaction with the team even more than technical skills. Great teams don't just happen, but how much management does a great development team need?


Michelle Smith

Dr. Michelle Smith’s unusual background gives her a fresh perspective on the tech industry and what it takes to build and keep great teams. She is a veterinarian by education, and she still practices in the state of Ohio. She’s also been an executive at a global software company. But her real passions are entrepreneurship and building great teams. Along with her husband and business partner, Steve Smith, Michelle has built and sold several companies, including Lake Quincy Media, an online advertising agency, and NimblePros, a software consulting boutique. She’s also spoken internationally on the subject of team building. Michelle is currently available to assist with team development at http://great-teams.com.


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