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Win a telerik DevCraft Complete Collection

Every show (that's twice a week), one lucky fan club member will win a telerik DevCraft Complete Collection - value: $1499.00 US! (actually it's 7K worth of software in one box! Holy crap!
Win the Big Technology Giveaway!

Once a year one lucky fan club member will win at least $5000.00 worth of technology! You get your choice between a loaded laptop, a killer developer desktop machine with multiple monitors, an audio/video workstation, or something else that Carl and Richard have dreamed up. The next drawing will be Tuesday, December 11, 2012!
All the free stuff we can find!
Whenver we score tickets to conferences, swag from sponsors, or if we happen to have a streak of good luck in the lottery, we will pick a lucky winner and pass on the goods! But.. you have to join the fan club to win!
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