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Carl and Richard talk to Adam Tornhill about his work understanding the psychology of programming. The conversation starts out with some thinking around getting into "the flow," being able to focus effectively on programming. Adam then digs into where bugs come from and the role of complexity in code. He has been studying code repositories to determine where bugs are likely to appear based on the idea that complex code changes more than simple code. The discussion also explores the idea that while coding parallel code is challenging, parallel development is even harder - can you really get multiple people working on the same project at the same time? You think you do, but do you really! Time to study your source tracking system!

Adam combines degrees in engineering and psychology to get a different perspective on the cognitive and social challenges of software. In his day job as a software consultant Adam works as an architect and programmer. In that role he often codes in C#, Java and Python. In his spare time he's more likely to hack Clojure or Erlang. Adam has published an open-source library for building distributed Erlang nodes in C++. He's the author of the popular Lisp for the Web tutorial, has self-published a book on Patterns in C and is currently writing on Code as a Crime Scene for the Pragmatic Programmers. Other interests include modern history, music and martial arts.

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Carl and Richard talk to Rocky Lhotka about what it means to build modern apps today. In past shows, Rocky has been pretty frustrated with the native development options and focused primarily on web development with HTML 5 and JavaScript. But things on the native side have gotten better, and Rocky talks about his experiences with Xamarin and the potential of the universal app template in Visual Studio. Could native be making a comeback? Rocky talks about the advantages of the native model with cross-platform development techniques and a sense of an improving future. It's a fun time to be a developer!

Rockford Lhotka is the CTO at Magenic, one of the nation's premiere Microsoft Gold Certified Partners dedicated to solving today's most challenging business problems. He is the creator of the widely used CSLA .NET open source development framework, and is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. Rocky speaks at many conferences and user groups around the world.

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Carl and Richard chat with Jeff Fritz about ASP.NET vNext - and yes, ASP.NET is now open source! So what does that really mean for ASP.NET developers? Jeff digs into the impact of taking open source on the development process of ASP.NET and how we can all get more involved! This leads to a discussion about the expanding reach of .NET into other platforms such as Linux using OWIN and Katana, and the Microsoft stack being a friendly place for developers of all kinds to hang out. Azure is also a big part of the future web story, and Jeff digs into the cloud-optimized stack and how you can get your web app there.

Jeff Fritz is developer in the Philadelphia area who is obsessed with the web. After wasting time playing too much Candy Crush and Farmville, he got his stuff together and was recognized by Microsoft as an MVP in ASP.NET and was named an ASPInsider. He currently works as a Developer Advocate for Telerik and is a Pluralsight author who recently released another highly rated course titled 'Mobilize Your ASP.NET Web Forms'. In his free time, Jeff is a voice-over actor providing audio for phone systems, radio ads, and web video. You can find Jeff blogging at csharpfritz.com and on twitter at @csharpfritz.

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