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So when will Moore's Law end? Time for a Geek Out! In honor of the 50th anniversary of Gordon Moore writing the article that 10 years later would be known as Moore's Law, Richard digs into how much work goes into keeping the Moore's Law promise and its impact on society. The conversation delves into the complexities of manufacturing microchips at the nanometer scale, and all of the problems that companies like Intel and Samsung have to overcome for each incremental improvement that leads to a doubling of density every 18-24 months. The laws of physics dictate that Moore's Law will eventually end, but there are still a few years to go... and even when it does end, so what? Is Moore's Law holding back innovations in other areas? Lots to think about!

Carl Franklin has been a leader in the Microsoft developer community since the very early days when he wrote for Visual Basic Programmers Journal. He authored the Q&A column of that magazine as well as many feature articles for VBPJ and other magazines. He has authored two books for John Wiley & Sons on sockets programming in VB, and in 1994 he helped create the very first web site for VB developers, Carl & Gary's VB Home Page.

Carl is also the Microsoft Regional Director for Connecticut, an MVP for Kinect, co-host of .NET Rocks! and The Tablet Show, a .NET Rocks! spin-off dedicated to developing for tablets, phones and other mobile devices, as well as mobile web.

Carl is the creator of GesturePak ($99), the first gesture recognition library for Microsoft Kinect for Windows. GesturePak records your motion as you create gestures, then notifies your app when your user has performed one or more of your gestures.

Carl is also an accomplished musician and audio/video producer. He started Pwop in 1999 as a record label for his first album, a collaboration with his brother Jay: Strange Communication. Franklin Brothers released Lifeboat To Nowhere in 2011, which has met with rave reviews. In 2013, Carl released his first solo album, Been a While, which features a tune with John Scofield on guitar, as well as an incredible group of musicians local to New London, CT.

Pwop Studios is a full-service audio and video post production studio in New London, CT, where Carl records and produces the podcasts as well as music and video projects - both for himself, Franklin Brothers, and the public.

Richard Campbell has been involved with microcomputers and software since 1977. His career has spanned the industry both on the hardware and software sides, from manufacturing to sales, service, game development, line-of-business software and large scale systems. He's been deeply involved in creating new businesses around software, hardware, services and products in a huge range of roles, including technical, management and financing. During the halcyon days of the DotCom Boom he was a consultant to venture capital firms providing technical due diligence and architectural direction.

Today Richard consults with a number of clients on software architecture and future directions of technology. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He's a partner in PWOP Productions, creating a variety of multimedia programs including ".NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers" (www.dotnetrocks.com) a podcast produced twice a week for more than 250,000 listeners in 120 countries and The Tablet Show (www.thetabletshow.com), a weekly podcast focused on tablet and mobile development. In addition he's the host of RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com), a podcast for the IT Professional using Microsoft technologies. You'll find Richard at numerous conferences all over the world.

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So what JavaScript libraries are you focused on today? Scott Allen is back to talk about the latest bits he's excited about, including Rob Eisenberg's Aurelia! The conversation starts out focused on the on-going evolution of Javascript, with ECMA 6 and 7 picking up more and more features of modern programming languages - it's not the JavaScript you remember from the old days! This also impacts JavaScript libraries and opens the door for the on-going evolution of those libraries. Some change radically like AngularJS and some stick with their patterns so that new tools can get built, like Aurelia. While it's still early days for Aurelia, Scott is so keen that he's dived in as a contributor to the open source product. You should check it out!

Scott Allen is the founder of OdeToCode.com and a Pluralsight author who lives in Western Maryland on the east coast of the United States. Scott has over 20 years of commercial software development experience, and currently works closely with Medisolv building software applications for hospitals.

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So how do you track errors in production? JD Trask talks to Carl and Richard about raygun.io, a service for instrumenting your clients and servers in production and feed errors directly to your project tracking and bug reporting systems. The conversation digs into how to deal with errors in your application in a way that actually delights your users - sending emails letting them know you saw they had a problem and are working on it, and being able to see the details of the problems early and often without waiting for complaints. These are the tools for taking your application quality to a higher level!

John-Daniel Trask is the Co-founder & CEO of Mindscape, creators of the popular Raygun.io error tracking software. John-Daniel is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, has been writing software for more than 20 years, lives in New Zealand and enjoys fine whiskey.

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