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While at the Irvine stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard chatted with Brian Randell about the DevOps movement and it's application in the Microsoft world. DevOps focuses on the concept of bringing developers and operations together to iterate software more quickly, so that your applications are continuously delivered with continuous feedback and continuous quality. That's a lot of continuity!

Brian A. Randell is a senior consultant with MCW Technologies, LLC. For over 20 years, Brian has been building software solutions and educating his fellow developers. Brian spends his time teaching Microsoft technologies to developers, working with new and emerging technologies like Visual Studio Team System 2008, Visual Studio 2010, and consulting worldwide. In early 2010, Brian toured the world prepping Microsoft employees and Microsoft partners for the Visual Studio 2010 launch using content created by Brian and his partners at MCW Technologies. Brian enjoys helping people get the most out of their software. He does this through training and speaking at events such as TechEd and Microsoft PDC. In addition, Brian shares through the written word in books and technical publications. Brian currently writes the Team System column for MSDN Magazine and is a Visual Studio ALM MVP.

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