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Carl and Richard talk to Bill Wilder about Hadoop on Azure. Hadoop is a technology for analyzing massive (petabytes) amount of data efficiently. Originally developed by Yahoo, it was given to the Apache Foundation as an open source project. Google, Facebook and others have all contributed to the project. Microsoft has come late to the game, but with a very compelling offering - you can run Hadoop on Azure and use Visual Studio to work with it. There's lots to learn about Hadoop, this show is just the starting point!

Bill Wilder is a hands-on architect, consultant, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud using the Windows Azure Platform. Bill began working with Windows Azure when it was unveiled at the Microsoft PDC in 2008 and in October 2009 founded Boston Azure, the first Windows Azure user group in the world. Bill is a Windows Azure MVP and is the author of the upcoming book Cloud Architecture Patterns scheduled to be published mid-2012. Some days he wishes Hadoop and Big Data weren't so interesting since they are distracting him from finishing his book!

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