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Carl and Richard talk to Philip Laureano about Nemerle. Nemerle is a multi-paradigm programming language for .NET. Similar to C#, it goes beyond C# to provide metaprogramming features, allowing you to write code that changes code on the fly. Phil digs deep into the idea that programming languages should change to reflect what we want to do and is not afraid to do the changes himself, rather than wait for Microsoft. Brain twisting? Wait til you listen to the show!

Philip Laureano is the author of LinFu, an open source framework for implementing AOP design by contract, dynamic proxies, mixins, inversion of control, and universal event handling on the Common Language Runtime.


He is also the author of Hiro, the world's first and 'fastest' IOC container that is written in pure IL. On his spare time, you can usually find him hacking his own compiler and implementing the CLR Metadata specifications for fun. Philip has been professionally writing software in general since 1999, and coding in IL since 2005.


Philip currently works as a Senior Developer for Readify, an IT consulting company based in Australia.

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