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Ignoring the unusual show number, Steve Smith talks to Carl and Richard about his experiences tuning ASP.NET for better performance. Steve tells three different stories from different eras of web development, also digging into situations where he's made mistakes, where he's found mistakes, and when he wished he'd called Microsoft tech support sooner. Don't let the number scare you, this is a great show!

Steve Smith is an Executive Vice President of Services for Telerik. Telerik Services provides consulting, training, and other services to Telerik’s enterprise clients and partners. Steve is also a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, as well as a frequent speaker at software developer conferences and events. Steve has (with his wife and partner Michelle) started and sold a number of businesses in his career, including one of the first online developer community websites (ASPAlliance.com), the first Microsoft developer advertising network (Lake Quincy Media), and a successful agile consulting company (NimblePros). Steve has written or contributed to a number of books, most recently 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. In the past, Steve was an Army Engineer officer and explosives instructor, and he spent some time in Iraq in 2004 leading a combat engineer platoon. Today Steve lives in Kent, Ohio with his wife and their two children. Steve maintains a blog at Ardalis.com and is active on Twitter as @ardalis. He maintains a professional facebook page at Facebook.com/StevenAndrewSmith. You can find out more about Steve here: http://about.me/stevenasmith

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Running Time 45 minutes      Date Thursday, May 26, 2011     Comments Comments

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