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Recorded on PI day, Carl and Richard talk to the one-and-only Eric Lippert from the C# Compiler team. But we don't only talk about C#! The conversation wanders around all the languages, a little F#, a little IronPython, heck, even VB.NET! Eric talks about Project Roslyn, Microsoft's efforts to make the C# compiler available as a service. A little artificial intelligence, a little parallelism, and you've got one brain twisting show!

Eric Lippert is a developer on the C# compiler development team. In his decade-and-a-half at Microsoft he's also worked on Visual Basic, VBScript, JScript, Visual Studio Tools For Office, and other developer tools. He writes a blog mostly about his fabulous adventures in programming language design, and occasionally about piano tuning, relationship advice or whatever else is on his mind.

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Running Time 57 minutes      Date Tuesday, March 29, 2011     Comments Comments

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