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In the first of a two-part series on the Windows Phone, Carl and Richard talk to developers in the field currently building Windows Phone 7 apps. A talk with Brandon Watson from the WP7 team kicks it off.

Brandon Watson, the keynote speaker at ReMIX Atlanta, is currently responsible for the Developer Experience team for Windows Phone 7. He works on developer marketing and developer platform products. He is passionate about new opportunities - specifically around developer enablement and mobile.

Jeff Weber has been a developer for ~12 yrs working solely with Microsoft tools and Technology. As his day-job, he works for a consulting company in Northern Wisconsin called Skyline Technologies. In his spare time, after his two kids are asleep (or before they wake), he builds games in his basement. He's been a game developer hobbiest for 6 or 7 years and just recently, in the last couple years has been trying to make some supplemental income doing game development.


His website can be found at www.FarseerGames.com. There you will find 3-4 Silverlight games he's created and a developer blog. Currently Jeff is working on a game called Krashlander for the Windows Phone 7 and hopes to have it ready on or near the phone's launch date.

Ian Nicolades is the founder of UberGeekGames. A longtime hobbyist programmer, he launched the company in 2008 at the start of the Xbox LIVE Indie Games market launch, and has released 6 titles on the marketplace since . He teamed up with Joel in 2009 and they've been working together to build games for XBLIG ever since.

Joel Styles is a technical artist with over 8 years experience in the games industry. He worked on Bioshock, the Oblivion series, and most recently the Batman series from Rocksteady.

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