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Richard and Carl talk to Alan Griver, Beth Massi, and Tim Heuer in front of a live audience on the 5th stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2010 Road Trip in Phoenix, AZ.

Yair Alan Griver is the Group Program Manager for the billing stream underlying Microsoft's Online services. Prior to that, he was the architect for the Microsoft.com community properties, responsible for creating a coherent underlying platform for properties that include blogs.msdn.com, forums.msdn.com, GotDotNet and chats. Prior to the architect role, Alan was Group Manager for the Visual Studio Data group. As Group Manager, Alan's teams produced the tools used inside of Visual Studio .NET, Office and SQL Server that surface data capabilities, as well as Visual FoxPro. Coming into Microsoft, Alan was a Lead Program Manager and Community Evangelist for Visual Basic .NET, driving community interests into Visual Basic .NET.


Before joining Microsoft, Alan was Chief Information Officer at GoAmerica, a publicly traded telecommunications (wireless internet) company, and co-founder and CIO of Flash Creative Management a business strategy and technology consulting company. Alan is the author of five books on Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic, the creator of various development frameworks, and has developed database systems ranging into the thousands of users. He has spoken around the world on databases, object orientation and development team management issues, as well as XML and messaging-based applications.

Beth Massi is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Visual Studio BizApps team who build the Visual Studio tools for Azure, Office, SharePoint as well as Visual Studio LightSwitch. Beth is a community champion for business application developers and is responsible for producing and managing online content and community interaction for the BizApps team. She has over 15 years of industry experience building business applications and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. You can find her on a variety of developer sites including MSDN Developer Centers, Channel 9, and her blog http://www.bethmassi.com/. Follow her on twitter @BethMassi

Tim Heuer is a program manager for Microsoft Silverlight, a web technology aimed at delivering rich internet experiences to users. Before this current role, he was a developer evangelist for Microsoft serving the Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Utah areas aiming to strengthen and support communities and software developers in these geographies.

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