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Ananth B talks about Brahma, an open-source library written for the .NET 3.5 framework (in C# 3.0), to provide high level access to parallel streaming computations on a variety of processors.

Born in 1979 in Mumbai, India, I grew up with a love for science fiction (three laws of robotics, anyone?). Computers and artificial intelligence have always fascinated me, and when I was first introduced to computers I simply fell in love with them. I started programming with Basic, and quickly moved onto Pascal. I went through many versions of Pascal till Delphi and then it was off to .NET and C#. Yeah, I know it looks like I've been following Anders Hejlsberg's career around :).


Anyway, my passion for graphics has led me from Demo development to Game development to Game engine design to Character animation techniques to Medical imaging to GPU based medical imaging to General Purpose computations on GPUs and Television Graphics. In short, I now love anything to do with GPUs and their utilization in new and novel ways.


I love GPUs, video game consoles, games, GPUs, gadgets, programming, .NET and C#, Star Trek, science fiction, GPUs, fantasy, and oh, did I mention GPUs?

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Running Time 53 minutes      Date Thursday, July 23, 2009     Comments Comments

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