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Carl and Richard talk to Kenn Scribner about REST, its origins and intended uses.

Kenn Scribner is a software developer who happens to write books as an excuse to learn new technologies. There is nothing quite like a deadline to get those creative neurons firing. He's been working with computers since he built a breadboarded Z-80 in college a few too many years ago. (Happily, the Z-80 survived the encounter.) Although he fondly remembers writing 6502 assembly language on his Apple ][, he's quite happy writing complex C# applications today, both for the Web and for the desktop. This is his seventh computer book, and he truly hopes you'll enjoy reading it and learning how to apply .NET to your RESTful application needs. His personal Web site is http://www.endurasoft.com.

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Running Time 58 minutes      Date Tuesday, May 12, 2009     Comments Comments

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