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Jeremy Miller and David Laribee discuss their work with ALT.NET, a "self-organizing, ad-hoc community of developers bound by a desire to improve ourselves, challenge assumptions, and help each other pursue excellence in the practice of software development."

Jeremy Miller is the chief architect for Bayern Software in Austin, TX. Jeremy began his IT career writing "Shadow IT" applications to automate his engineering documentation, then wandered into software development because it looked like more fun. Jeremy previously worked as a systems architect building mission critical supply chain software for a Fortune 100 company and learned agile development practices as a .Net consultant at ThoughtWorks, one of the pioneers of agile development. Jeremy is the author of the open source StructureMap tool for Dependency Injection with .Net and the forthcoming StoryTeller tool for supercharged FIT testing in .Net. Jeremy's thoughts on just about everything software related can be found on his weblog "The Shade Tree Developer" at http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeremy.miller, part of the popular CodeBetter site. Jeremy is a Microsoft MVP for C#.

David Laribee is President of Xclaim Software, an ISV offering a platform for building document management applications. He has 10+ years experience designing, developing, and architecting enterprise applications with Microsoft technologies. David has worked with the .NET Framework since the zero-day in internal IT, product development, consulting, and rapid prototyping contexts across a wide variety of industries. David is a frequent speaker at local and national developer events, a Microsoft MVP, and a certified ScrumMaster. He writes about agile practices, software architecture, and the business of software on the CodeBetter blog network. (thebeelog.com)

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