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Carl and Richard chat with Scott Hunter about how Microsoft is working to evolve web development for ASP.NET developers. While the focus of the discussion is on ASP.NET vNext, you can't talk web without also talking cloud, and that means Azure. Scott digs into many of the new features in Azure that can make a web developer's life easier, before digging into ASP.NET vNext. No punches are pulled - vNext represents some breaking changes, especially for web forms developers. But web forms continues to be supported and added to in future versions of ASP.NET, just not at the rate that vNext is capable of. ASP.NET developers? Have a listen!

Scott Hunter has been at Microsoft on the Web Platform and Tools team as a Principal Program Manager for the past five years focusing on .NET Web Development. This includes working on .NET 3.5, .NET 4 and the upcoming .NET 4.5 plus ASP.NET Web Pages w/Razor Syntax, ASP.NET MVC and most recently ASP.NET Web API. Prior to working at Microsoft Scott spent a couple of years building intranet websites for managing the oil fields of large oil firms in California. His first programming experience was working for a startup in California called Mustang Software building bulletin board systems in Turbo Pascal.

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Running Time 57 minutes      Date Wednesday, August 13, 2014     Comments Comments

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